Disease Control in Humanitarian Emergencies

About us

Goal and objectives

The goal of the WHO Unit on Disease Control in Humanitarian Emergencies (DCE) is to reduce mortality and morbidity due to communicable diseases in populations affected by humanitarian emergencies (conflict, natural disasters, food insecurity).

DCE provides both technical and operational epidemiological services for the surveillance, monitoring, prevention and control of communicable diseases in humanitarian emergencies to WHO country and regional offices, national authorities, other United Nations agencies, and non-governmental and international organizations.

Areas of work


DCE coordinates the Communicable Diseases Working Group on Emergencies (CD-WGE), which includes WHO experts on relevant diseases (such as pneumonia, malaria, diarrhoea, measles), immunization, water and sanitation, child health, surveillance/early warning and outbreak response, vector control, nutrition, food safety and injuries/wounds.

The CD-WGE provides expert advice, and helps to set standards and prioritize interventions in acute and protracted humanitarian emergencies.

Outbreak surveillance and response in humanitarian emergencies:WHO guidelines for EWARN implementation

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