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Bulletin of the World Health Organization

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Volume 78, Number 2, Bulletin 2000, 153-280.

Special Theme - Immunization Safety

Theme Leader: Philippe Duclos


Immunization safety: a global priority by M. Scholtz & P. Duclos: vol.78, no.2, 153-154. [Full text] [Full text PDF]

Theme Papers

New challenges in assuring vaccine quality by N. Dellepiane, E. Griffiths, & J.B. Milstien: vol.78, no.2, 155-162. [Full text PDF]

Safety of immunization injections in Africa: not simply a problem of logistics by M. Dicko, A.-Q. O. Oni, S. Ganivet, S. Kone, L. Pierre, & B. Jacquet: vol.78, no.2, 163-169. [Full text PDF]

Developing a national system for dealing with adverse events following immunization by U. Mehta, J.B. Milstien, P. Duclos, & P.I. Folb: vol.78, no.2, 170-177. [Full text PDF]

Monitoring signals for vaccine safety: the assessment of individual adverse event reports by an expert advisory committee by J.-P. Collet, N. MacDonald, N. Cashman, R. Pless, & the Advisory Committee on Causality Assessment: vol.78, no.2, 178-185. [Full text PDF]

The Vaccine Safety Datalink: immunization research in health maintenance organizations in the USA by R. T. Chen, F. DeStefano, R.L. Davis, L.A. Jackson, R.S. Thompson, J.P. Mullooly, S.B. Black, H.R. Shinefield, C.M. Vadheim, J.I. Ward, S.M. Marcy, & the Vaccine Safety Datalink Team: vol.78, no.2, 186-194. [Full text PDF]

Simian virus 40, poliovirus vaccines, and human cancer: research progress versus media and public interests by J.S. Butel: vol.78, no.2, 195-198. [Full text PDF]

Clinical safety issues of measles, mumps and rubella vaccines by M.A. Afzal, P.D. Minor, & G.C. Schild: vol.78, no.2, 199-204. [Full text PDF]

Round Table

Vaccine adverse events in the new millennium: is there reason for concern? by B. J. Ward: vol.78, no.2, 205-215. [Full text PDF]

Discussion by Ahmed A. Darwish; Phyllida Brown; John Clemens; Robert Pless; Alan R. Hinman; Adrian J. Ivinson: vol.78, no.2, 216-223. [Full text PDF]

Bulletin 2000 Feedback

Health inequalities and social inequalities in health by Paula Braveman, Nancy Krieger, & John Lynch: vol.78, no.2, 232-233. [Full text PDF]

Response to P. Braveman et al. by C.J.L. Murray, E.E. Gakidou, & J. Frenk: vol.78, no.2, 234-235. [Full text PDF]


Reducing HIV/AIDS risk, impact and vulnerability by D. Tarantola: vol.78, no.2, 236-237. [Full text] [Full text PDF]

Critical Reflection

Directly observed treatment, short-course strategy and multidrug-resistant tuberculosis: are any modifications required? by I. Bastian, L. Rigouts, A. Van Deun, & F. Portaels: vol.78, no.2, 238-251. [Full text PDF]


Prevalence of use of complementary/alternative medicine: a systematic review by E. Ernst: vol.78, no.2, 252-257. [Full text PDF]

Preventing trachoma through environmental sanitation: a review of the evidence base by A. Prüss & S.P. Mariotti: vol.78, no.2, 258-266. [Full text PDF]

Policy and practice

Biomedical and development paradigms in AIDS prevention by I. Wolffers: vol.78, no.2, 267-273. [Full text PDF]

Books & Electronic Media: vol.78, no.2, 276-277. [Full text PDF]

Letters: vol.78, no.2, 278. [Full text PDF]

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