Methodology for assessment of environmental burden of diseaseWHO/SDE/WSH/00.7: Report on the ISEE session on environmental burden of disease, Buffalo, 22 August 2000, prepared by David Kay1, Annette Prüss2 and Carlos Corvalan2

1 Centre for Research into Environment and Health, Aberystwith, UK
2 World Health Organization, Protection of Human Environment


1. Introduction, Objectives, Organization of the Consulation, Recommendations

Annex 1: Background paper 

Annex 2: List of participants 24

Annex 3: Agenda 30

Annex 4: Summaries of presentations

4.1 Comparative risk assessment in the global burden of disease study and the environmental health risks

4.2 An aggregate public health indicator of the impact of multiple environmental exposures

4.3 Burden of disease and selected conceptual issues 

4.4 Statistical uncertainty in burden of disease estimates

4.5 Determining the strength of evidence 

4.6 Climate change and uncertainty: Methods developed for intergovernmental panel on climate change

Annex 5: Results of the working groups

5.1 Air quality 

5.2 Chemical exposure 

5.3 Global environment 

5.4 Water and sanitation

Annex 6: ISEE Special Symposium on Environmental Burden of Disease

6.1 Programme 

6.2 Background and rationale to environmental burden of disease 

6.3 Methodological approaches to environmental burden of disease assessment

6.4 Assessing environmental disease burden: examples from the Netherlands

6.5 Estimating the global burden of disease from indoor air pollution 

6.6 Estimating the global burden of disease from exposure to lead 

6.7 Comparative risk assessment of the health effects of climate change