Status for the period January–June 2014

One new case was reported for the month of June 2014, making a cumulative total of 6 cases reported from 6 villages in 2014. During the same period in 2013, 5 cases were reported from 5 villages in Chad (one case each month from 6 villages):

Moyen Chari Region
  • Sarh District
    • Kira village (1 case)
    • Maimou village (1 case)
Mayo Kebbi East Region
  • Guelendeng District
    • Nanguigoto village (1 case)
  • Bongor District
    • Bongor town (1 imported case)
Chari Baguirmi
  • Bousso district
    • Yadjime village (1 case)
  • Mandalia District
    • Kalam kalam village (1 case)

Chad has been experiencing an unusual occurrence whereby a larger number of dracunculiasis infections are being reported in dogs than in humans in the same at-risk areas. The phenomenon was first reported in 2012.

The case reported in Bongor town was allegedly classified as being imported from Guelendeng town. The patient remained in Guelendeng town during the entire period of the infection until October 2013 before moving to Bongor.

A reward of Communauté Financière Africaine (CFA) 50 000 [about US$ 100] for information leading to confirmation of a case is being offered. Please report to the nearest health facility.

Summary for 2013

Chad reported a total of 14 cases during 2013 compared with a total of 10 cases during 2012.

These 14 cases were reported from 10 villages in five districts of three regions as follows:

Chari Baguirmi Region
  • Bousso district
    • Gabri II Quartier, Bogomoro village (1 case)
  • Mandalia District
    • Bougamene village (1 case)
    • Djarbou Choufou (1 case)
    • Madoubou Route village (1 case)
    • Miskine Banana village (1 case)
  • Massenya District
    • Gassé village (1 case)
    • Koutoungolo Centre (1 case)
Mayo Kebbi Est Region
  • Guelendeng district
    • Gourlong village (1 case)
    • Médégué village (1 case)
Moyen Chari Region
  • Sarh District
    • Maimou village (5 cases)

Of the 14 cases, 8 were contained. As a result of improved surveillance, 8/14 cases were detected from villages under passive surveillance but 6/8 cases did not met the case containment criteria (5 cases from Maimou village and 1 case from Djarbou Choufou village.)

In 2013, a total of 1464 rumours was reported and investigated, of which 96% (1408) were investigated within 24 hours and 14 cases were confirmed as dracunculiasis.


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