Status for the period January–October 2014

In 2014, 32 cases from 3 villages were reported compared with 7 cases from 5 villages in 2013; 13 new cases were reported in October 2014 alone. The 32 cases were reported from the following villages: 23 from Tanzikeratene village (Ansongo District, Gao Region), 8 from Nanguaye village (Ghourma Rharous, Tombouctou Region) and 1 from Fion village (Tominian district of Segou Region). Of the 32 cases, 27 cases were detected within 24 hours and contained; the remaining 5 cases were not detected within 24 hours and 3 are known to have contaminated local water sources.

Tanzikratene village reported 3 cases in 2013, of which 2 cases were contained. Nanguaye village reported having a case in 2013 and it was reported to be contained. Fion village did not report a case in 2013.

During January to October 2014, 101 rumours were reported.

With the relative improvement of the security situation in the north of the country, the Malian Guinea-worm Eradication Programme is now taking steps to reinforce surveillance of the disease in those areas.

A nationwide cash reward of CFA 20 000 [about US$40] is offered for the voluntary reporting of dracunculiasis cases. Please report to the nearest health facility.

Summary for 2013

A total of 11 cases were reported from 8 villages in four districts in 2013:

  • Ansongo District, Gao Region
    • Agaitafa village (1 case)
    • Banguir village (1 case)
    • Kamgala village (1 case)
    • Tanzikratene village (3 cases)
  • Djenné District, Mopti Region
    • Kouakourou village (1 case)
  • Kidal District, Kidal Region
    • Etambar village (2 cases)
    • Iclahane village (1 case)
  • G. Rharous district, Timbuktu Region
    • Nanguaye village (1 case)

Of the 11 cases, 6 were adult males, 4 were adult females and 1 was a female child. A total of 7 cases (64%) were contained.

Of the 56 rumours that were reported and investigated in 2013, 55 (98%) were investigated within 24 hours; 7 cases were confirmed as dracunculiasis.


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17 December 2014 11:57 CET