Drug resistance

WHO Global Strategy Recommendations

Fundamental priority recommendations are underlined and highlighted in bold
Other first priority recommendations are highlighted in bold.

Drug and Vaccine Development

6.1 Encourage cooperation between industry, government bodies and academic institutions in the search for new drugs and vaccines.

6.2 Encourage drug development programmes which seek to optimize treatment regimens with regard to safety, efficacy and the risk of selecting for resistant organisms.

6.3 Provide incentives for industry to invest in the research and development of new antimicrobials.

6.4 Consider establishing or utilizing fast-track marketing authorization for safe new agents.

6.5 Consider using an orphan drug scheme where available and applicable.

6.6 Make available time-limited exclusivity for new formulations and/or indications for use of antimicrobials.

6.7 Align intellectual property rights to provide suitable patent protection for new antimicrobial agents and vaccines.

6.8 Seek innovative partnerships with the pharmaceutical industry to improve access to newer essential drugs.