Drug resistance

Promoting Information-Sharing

WHO Antimicrobial Resistance Information Bank

In partnership with the WHO Collaborating Centre for Electronic Disease Surveillance, INSERM, Paris, WHO has built the Antimicrobial Resistance Information Bank (AR InfoBank) to provide access by policy-makers and health care workers to quality information about drug resistance and resistance surveillance networks.

This interactive tool gathers information on surveillance networks and resistance data generated by these networks.

Priority research topics in antimicrobial resistance

Further research is needed to guide efforts to combat antimicrobial resistance. Many factors contribute to the emergence and spread of resistance. There is sill much to learn about the interplay between these factors and the cost-effectiveness of interventions to contain resistance. As paft of the Global Strategy effort, many experts collaborated in constructing a list of priority research topics.

Various organizations or institutions that fund research into antimicrobial resistance are listed. It should be stressed that this list is provided solely for information purposes and does not imply that the World Health Organization endorses the selection of any particular funding bodies.

Mapping antimicrobial resistance in Neisseria gonorrhoeae

Data on the resistance of gonorrhoea isolates to various antibiotics have been mapped for a selection of countries of the WHO South-East Asia and Western Pacific Regions. More detailed information is supplied for Australia.