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How to obtain WHONET 5 from the Internet

  Table of contents

STEP 1 : Download the file you need from the web site

  1. To download the compressed installation program (approximately 9.2 megabytes), click on whonet51setup.exe
  2. The message, "Save this program to disk", will appear. Click on "OK".
  3. A standard Windows "Save As" box will appear. Enter the location where you would like to save the downloaded file, for example c:\temp\whonet51setup.exe.
    • It is important for you to remember the location where you save this file.
  4. Click on "Save" and your computer will begin to download the file.

STEP 2 : Decompress the download file and install

  1. Use "My Computer" to find the file that you just downloaded.
  2. Double-click on the file and this will begin the "WinZip Self-Extractor" program.
  3. WinZip Self-Extractor will suggest that you put the installation program into c:\whonetdisks. You may change this location if you wish.
  4. Click on "Unzip". WinZip Self-Extractor will create the installation program that you will use to install WHONET 5.1. When it has finished, click on "OK".
  5. Follow the instructions on the screen. The installation program suggests that you put WHONET 5 into c:\whonet5. This will overwrite previous versions. You may change this location if you wish.
    • To avoid possible conflicts during the installation process, you should exit from other programs that may be running at this time.
    • On some computers, the program may indicate that the file, Graphs32.ocx failed to Self Register, and that you need to reboot your computer to complete the installation. If you want to complete the installation now, click on "Yes, I want to restart my computer now." Graphs32.ocx will Self Register automatically during the reboot of the computer.
  6. You are now ready to begin using the software.

If you have any problems with this process or with the software, please contact us at: amr@who.int

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