Call for participation in advancing echinococcosis data collection on antiparasitic (medical) treatment

You are invited to actively participate in the global effort for advancing echinococcosis data collection on antiparasitic (medical) treatment. The data collated will be used to map the global landscape of antiparasitic (medical) treatment against echinococcosis.

You can download the PDF copies (in English and Spanish) of this survey to prepare your responses. You may only take this survey once, and recommend that you only start this survey when you have collected all relevant information. Kindly respond only to sections that apply to your institution and leave the other areas blank. For example, if only cystic echinococcosis is diagnosed in your institution, please fill in for cystic echinococcosis and leave the part for alveolar echinococcosis blank.

The online questionnaires could be found at the following links:

- English version

- Spanish version

Downloadable pdf versions of the questionnaire available below:

It will be available until the 15th January 2018