Two new centres of excellence have joined the WHO network of Collaborating Centres for echinococcosis

1. The WHO Collaborating Centre for Prevention and Care Management of Echinococcosis located in a high endemicity region of China in Xinjiang.

Key Laboratory of Echinococcosis, Clinical Medical Research Institute, The First Affiliated Hospital of Xinjiang Medical University is tasked with further developing molecular, immunological and imaging methods for diagnosis and follow-up of cystic and alveolar echinococcosis cases, with special attention given to methods adapted to field surveys and community studies, especially in resource-constrained countries. This centre is pursuing the improvement of care management of echinococcosis patients, including surgery, chemotherapy, immune therapy, and to develop preclinical experimental models of the diseases.

Through partnership with the provincial CDC this WHO CC, are working towards eco-epidemiological investigations on Echinococcus spp transmission between human and animal hosts at regional and continental scale, and to assist in the implementation of control programs. This WHO provides an opportunity to provide methodological support and expert advice on echinococcosis to professionals, researchers and institutions of endemic regions/countries, especially in the Central Asian area.

2. The WHO collaborating centre for the epidemiology, detection and control of cystic and alveolar echinococcosis (in humans and animals) located in Italy Istituto Superiore di Sanità, Rome.

This centre is providing support to validate of strategies to generate base-line data for the control of cystic and alveolar echinococcosis through studies on the epidemiology, detection, molecular characterization, and evaluation of the disease burden. This centre also maintains and is expanding the prospective, observational, multicentre International Register that focuses on the epidemiology and the clinical management of cystic echinococcosis while maintaining and strengthening the international network for the epidemiology, detection and control of alveolar and cystic echinococcosis in humans and animals.

The full list of WHO CC on Echinococcosis and the main areas of work can be found here: List of WHO Collaborative Center on Echinococcosis.