Evidence on eLearning

eLearning for education and training of the health workforce is becoming an integral part of eHealth services worldwide. A recent systematic review published jointly by WHO and Imperial College, London examines the evidence to better understand the effectiveness of eLearning for health professional education and to better guide countries on its use for education and training of their health professionals.

National eHealth strategies

The National eHealth Strategy Toolkit is an expert, practical guide that provides governments, their ministries and stakeholders with a solid foundation and method for the development and implementation of a national eHealth vision, action plan and monitoring framework.

The Health Internet

The Internet offers far-reaching benefits for health. Internet top-level domains related to health, managed in the public interest, could serve the public, civil society, governments and industry, and meet public policy objectives such as the protection of privacy, the facilitation of legitimate enterprise and exchange of health information, knowledge and views. WHO proposes governing principals to ensure trust and confidence in the health Internet.


eHealth at WHO

eHealth is the use of information and communication technologies (ICT) for health. The eHealth unit works with partners at the global, regional and country level to promote and strengthen the use of information and communication technologies in health development, from applications in the field to global governance. The unit is based in the Department of Knowledge Ethics and Research in the cluster of Health Systems and Innovation.

Programmes and projects

WHO's work in eHealth includes programmes and projects in areas such as policy and governance, standardization and interoperability, research and global surveys, eLearning and capacity building, networking and South-to-South collaboration, as well as eHealth applications.

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