eHealth Tools

These tools have been prepared in the context of the Swiss TPH mandate as WHO Collaborating Centre for Health Technology Management and eHealth.

Evidence on eLearning

eLearning for education and training of the health workforce is becoming an integral part of eHealth services worldwide. A recent systematic review examines the evidence.

AccessMod 5.0

Software for modeling physical accessibility to health care and geographic coverage.


The International Telecommunication Union (ITU)

The International Telecommunication Union collects telecommunication/ICT data for about 200 economies worldwide. WHO uses these data, together with eHealth survey data, to produce country profiles on eHealth.

The Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD)

OECD provides a range of broadband-related statistics, including household and business ICT use, coverage and geography, services and speed.

World Bank

The World Bank provides data on information and communications technologies, with sections on economic and social context, ICT sector structure, and ICT sector performance.

Archived eHealth resources (2003-2016)

Health Academy

The Health Academy was launched at the end of 2003 as one of the main programmes within eHealth. It aimed to improve knowledge about good health through the use of eLearning. In particular, it targets school-age children aged 12-18 through multi-media presentation of its health content.

WHO eLearning resources for health workforce training

A compendium of online and CD-ROM eLearning resources, available for download and by order. The list also includes blended learning degree programmes available through our partner institutions.


A platform to support the development of human resources for health in Portuguese-speaking countries, to facilitate collaboration among institutions, deliver health information and promote capacity-building. This programme was active as one of the major programmes within eHealth between 2005 and 2016.

Accountability for Women’s and Children’s Health

The two Millennium Development Goals on improving the health of women and children are in urgent need of innovative and strategic actions, supported by political will and resources for greater impact. ICT is critical in this effort.

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