e-Library of Evidence for Nutrition Actions (eLENA)

Frequently asked questions

Q: Is eLENA available on CD?

A: Not yet. We are working on making a CD which will be available in 2013, when it will be announced on the eLENA home page.

Q: Is eLENA available in print?

A: No. eLENA is an electronic library and is not available in print. However, WHO guidelines are available to buy from the WHO bookshop:

Q: Will eLENA be published in different languages?

A: Yes. Publication of the eLENA site in WHO’s six official languages – Arabic, Chinese, English, French, Russian and Spanish – was completed in November 2012. Regarding future updates, the English language version of eLENA will be the first to be updated and published, followed by translation into the remaining languages. Translation work begins only after the English version has been finalized. Updating of the other language versions will lag behind the English version by approximately six months.

Q: How are the intervention topics in eLENA chosen?

A: Intervention topics are selected to coordinate with existing nutrition and nutrition-related guidelines as well as those that are in process of being developed or revised. Priority is given to interventions for which there is a strong recommendation for implementation and whose desirable effects outweigh any undesirable effects. However, a wide range of intervention topics covering a cross section of health conditions, population groups and intervention types will continue to be added to eLENA. The final decision on intervention topics is taken by the eLENA Project Management Group through a process of consultation with the larger Steering Committee and Partners Group. If you would like to suggest a new intervention topic, please go to the “How to contribute” page.

Q: Can I write an article for eLENA?

A: Yes. We are always keen to hear from nutrition experts interested in writing biological, behavioural and contextual rationales or commentaries for eLENA. Please go to the "How to contribute" page, and if you meet our criteria for authors, we will contact you with guidance on how to prepare these articles, as well as how they are reviewed.

Q: Can I suggest an intervention topic to be included in eLENA?

A: Yes. You can suggest a new intervention topic by completing the form on the "How to contribute" page.

Q: How often will content on a specific intervention be updated?

A: As new evidence is published by external authors, the corresponding documents will be updated, beginning with an update of the commentaries.