Zika virus and complications

Zika virus outbreak global response

27 May 2016 – The newly launched "Zika virus outbreak global response: Interim report" provides an update on key activities, the funding gap, and the new strategy moving forward to guide the international response to the spread of Zika virus.


Zika virus strain imported from the Americas to Cabo Verde

20 May 2016 -- Sequencing of the virus in Cabo Verde by Institut Pasteur, Dakar confirms that the Zika virus currently circulating in Cabo Verde is the same as the one circulating in the Americas - the Asian type- and was most likely imported from Brazil. This is the first time that the Zika strain responsible for the outbreaks linked to neurological disorders and microcephaly has been detected in Africa.

Zika virus and the Olympics

17 May 2016 -- Athletes and visitors to Rio de Janeiro, and other areas where Zika virus is circulating, are encouraged to follow the travel advice provided by WHO and their countries’ health authorities, and consult a health worker before travelling. Have more questions about Zika virus and the Olympic and Paralympic Games, Rio 2016? Click on the Q&A below for answers!

Woman measures baby's head for microcephaly.

One year into the Zika outbreak

5 May 2015 -- On 7 May 2015, Brazil informed WHO/PAHO of its first laboratory confirmed cases of Zika virus. In the last year the scientific community has learned an extraordinary amount about this virus and its effects.

WHO continues to lead the research agenda, while supporting countries in the response. This article chronicles Zika virus from when it was first identified, and details how this fairly obscure disease became a global health emergency.


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Public health emergency

1 Feb 2016WHO declared the cluster of microcephaly cases and other neurological disorders a health emergency.

WHO Director-General on the outcome of the Emergency Committee

Situation report

60 countriesAs of 25 May, 60 countries and territories report continuing mosquito-borne transmission.

Situation report: Zika virus, Microcephaly and Guillain-Barré syndrome

Global response

23 partnersGlobal and local partners to participate in the Zika virus response.

Zika Strategic Response Framework & Joint Operations Plan

Situation and response


Situation reports

WHO Response

Travel information

Zika virus and complications

Zika virus

Guillain–Barré syndrome


Research and development

Zika virus timeline

This timeline summarizes the spread of Zika infection, country by country, from the earliest discovery in 1947 to the latest information as of 7 February 2016. Zika virus infection appears to have changed in character while expanding its geographical range.

Zika virus quiz

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