Zika Strategic Response Plan

World Health Organization

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Number of pages: 50
Publication date: July 2016
Languages: English
WHO reference number: WHO/ZIKV/SRF/16.3


Quarterly updates


The Response Plan outlines 4 main objectives to support national governments and communities in preventing and managing the complications of Zika virus and mitigating the socioeconomic consequences: detection, prevention, care and support, as well as research.

Expanding health systems’ capacities in affected countries is one of the cornerstones of the Strategic Response Plan. The spread of Zika virus will have long-term health consequences for families, communities, and countries, whose health systems will be challenged to care for children born with these complications for years to come.

The Strategy also focuses on communicating risks with women of child-bearing age, pregnant women, their partners, households and communities, so that people have the information they need to protect themselves will also be central to the response.

Other elements include integrated vector management, sexual and reproductive health counselling as well as health education and care within the social and legal contexts of each country where Zika virus is being transmitted.

The plan provides the basis for coordination and collaboration among WHO and its partners so that countries’ preparedness and response capacities are supported to the fullest extent possible.

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