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World Health Assembly closes, passing resolutions on air pollution and epilepsy

26 May 2015 – The World Health Assembly closed today, with Director-General Dr Margaret Chan noting that it had passed several “landmark resolutions and decisions”. Three new resolutions were passed today: one on air pollution, one on epilepsy and one laying out the next steps in finalizing a framework of engagement with non-State actors.

26 May 2015 – The ongoing cholera outbreak in western Tanzania appears to be improving thanks to intensive national and international efforts. But, the risk of transmission remains high due to limited access to shelter, toilets, water and essential medical care. As of 25 May, the total number of cases diagnosed and treated was 4408 and no deaths have been reported between 21-24 May.

Racing to combat an unprecedented meningitis outbreak in Niger

15 May 2015 -- WHO and partners have sent an international expert team and negotiated provision of over half a million doses of vaccine to help Niger combat an unprecedented outbreak of meningococcal meningitis. This outbreak is the first large-scale meningitis outbreak caused by strain C to hit any country in Africa’s meningitis belt and has caused 5,855 suspected cases including 406 deaths.

Nepal ramps up disease surveillance after earthquakes

15 May 2015 -- As the rainy season approaches in Nepal, heightening the risk of disease outbreaks such as diarrhoeal disease and seasonal flu, WHO and the Ministry of Health and Population are working to increase disease surveillance and reporting at every level in earthquake affected areas of the country.

World Health Statistics reports on global health goals for 194 countries

13 May 2015 -- 2015 is the final year for the United Nations Millennium Development Goals – goals set by governments in 2000 to guide global efforts to end poverty. This year’s World Health Statistics assesses progress towards the health-related goals in each of the 194 countries for which data are available. The results are mixed.

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  • 10 facts about zoonotic neglected tropical diseases
    May 2015 -- There is now recognition that several zoonotic diseases within the neglected tropical diseases merit attention, and these include rabies, echinococcosis, taeniasis/cysticercosis and foodborne trematodiases. Find out more in this fact file.
  • WHO recommends 10 measurements for HIV
    May 2015 -- WHO released new guidelines recommending simplified indicators to measure the reach of HIV services, and the impact achieved at both the national and global levels.

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Keiji Fukuda, Assistant Director-General for Health Security, WHO.

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Professor Niang, anthropologist, in Sierra Leone
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    Cheikh Ibrahima Niang, a professor of medical and social anthropology, in Sierra Leone

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