Environmental health in emergencies


Preparedness meeting

Emergency preparedness is a programme of long-term development activities whose goals are to strengthen the overall capacity and capability of a country to manage efficiently all types of emergency and to bring about an orderly transition from relief through recovery and back to sustainable development.

Disasters can strike quickly and without warning. People and governments need to be prepared for the eventuality of a disaster happening.

The goal of emergency preparedness is to strengthen the capacity of governments, organizations, institutions and communities to withstand a disaster or emergency situation. Emergency preparedness can be achieved through:

  • national legislation and policy for disaster management
  • plans and procedures for disaster management and emergency response coordination
  • strengthening institutional and human resources for disaster management
  • establishing and managing stocks of relief supplies and equipment
  • identifying transportation options
  • public education, awareness and community participation in disaster management
  • collecting, analyzing and disseminating information related to emergencies and disasters that are likely to occur in the region.

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