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Global bioethics calendar

This comprehensive calendar is offered as a service to improve communication within the community of people interested in bioethics. It lists events such as conferences, graduate school workshops, symposiums or meetings of membership associations from all regions in the world. The calendar is searchable by:

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Please select from one of the dropdowns below. You will automatically be taken to that list of events.

The listing of events does not imply WHO's endorsement nor can WHO vouch for the accuracy or completeness of the information presented. For further information on each event, please contact its sponsors or organizers.

Persons wishing to have an event listed should submit their information using the attached form, which provides guidance about the desired content and format. Once filled in, the form can be submitted electronically.

We thank those groups (noted below, with links) from whom information is regularly obtained for inclusion on the Global Bioethics Calendar. Any organization that maintains a bioethics website may include a link to the Global Calendar if they wish: the object is to make this resource accessible to as many people as possible.

ONEC database

Following the 8th Global Summit of National Bioethics Advisory Bodies, The Global Health Ethics Unit at WHO that provides the permanent secretariat for the Global Summit started developing a database containing Opinions submitted by National Ethics Committees (ONEC). The ONEC database is hosted in WHO and is accessible through a public website. . The goal of this initiative is to provide easy, free, permanent and secure access to information and opinions submitted by National Ethics Committees.

International Clinical Trials Registry Platform (ICTRP)

The main aim of the WHO ICTRP is to improve research transparency and strengthen the validity and value of the scientific evidence base by facilitating the prospective registration of the WHO Trial Registration Data Set on all clinical trials, and the public accessibility of that information.

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