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Ethics and Health programme for interns and volunteers

The Global Health Ethics Unit coordinates a very active internship programme in WHO Headquarters and welcomes applications from graduate students from a wide range of disciplines as well as researchers, national civil servants and other professionals.Applications from scholars/academics and professionals not currently enrolled into degree programmes who wish to contribute to the work of the team will also be considered for a volunteer position under terms and conditions similar to internships.

Internships with the Unit provide an excellent opportunity to participate in the work of the Organization and to expand the knowledge and understanding of WHO's goals, policies and activities.

For further information on internships at WHO, please click on the following link.

If you want to know more about the typical work of an intern in the Global Health Ethics or for further inquiries, please contact the secretariat at Your email will then be forwarded to attending interns or an appropriate contact person.

Qualified junior scholars from Germany should be aware that the Ethics and Health Unit participates in the "Carlo-Schmid-Programme for Internships in International Organizations and EU Institutions." You can visit the website of the German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD) for a general program description or for the list of available places.

ONEC database

Following the 8th Global Summit of National Bioethics Advisory Bodies, The Global Health Ethics Unit at WHO that provides the permanent secretariat for the Global Summit started developing a database containing Opinions submitted by National Ethics Committees (ONEC). The ONEC database is hosted in WHO and is accessible through a public website. . The goal of this initiative is to provide easy, free, permanent and secure access to information and opinions submitted by National Ethics Committees.

International Clinical Trials Registry Platform (ICTRP)

The main aim of the WHO ICTRP is to improve research transparency and strengthen the validity and value of the scientific evidence base by facilitating the prospective registration of the WHO Trial Registration Data Set on all clinical trials, and the public accessibility of that information.

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