Ethics and health

Ethical issues raised by the HIV/AIDS epidemic

Areas of particular concern

From its outset, the AIDS epidemic has raised many ethical challenges for public health officials, clinicians and the general public, reaching from macro-level policy to micro-level clinical decisions.

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Most recent publication on ethics and access to treatment

Guidance document on ethics and equitable access to HIV/AIDS treatment and care

This document, developed as part of the 3*5 inititaitve, is designed to help countries scale-up treatment and care programmes in a way that is ethically acceptable, fair, and benefits health systems in general. Currently, efforts towards dissemination and country work are under way. The goal is to raise awareness among policy makers for distributive justice and equity in HIV/AIDS, to promote best practice in conducting fair consultative processes, and to facilitate the formulation of national policy papers on the topic. In addition, equity indicators for monitoring and evaluation of these policies under severe resource constraints are being developed.


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