Partial guidelines for implementation of Articles 9 and 10

Regulation of the contents of tobacco products and regulation of tobacco product disclosures

Partial guidelines were adopted at COP4 with amendments adopted at COP5; the working group was requested by COP5 to continue, inter alia, to elaborate guidelines in a step-by-step process, and to submit draft partial guidelines or a progress report on the testing and measuring of contents and emissions using the analytical chemical methods validated by WHO.

The working group met in Geneva, at WHO Headquarters, on 28–30 January 2014. The meeting was attended by the Key Facilitators and representatives of 11 Parties, in line with decisions FCTC/COP5(6) and FCTC/COP5(19). At the conclusion of the meeting, the working group members requested the Key Facilitators to draft a progress report describing the deliberations of the meeting. That work has now been completed and circulated to the working group. Parties have been informed by note verbale that in accordance with the COP decision the draft report of the working group will be available on a protected web site from 14 April 2014 to 9 June 2014 for comments.