Brazil to become world’s largest smoke-free country

On 15 December 2011 the Government of Brazil enacted a new law that protects the health of its more than 190 million inhabitants by prohibiting smoking in all enclosed collective-use spaces—both public and private. Signed by President Dilma Rousseff, the new law makes Brazil the largest country in the world to declare all workplaces and indoor public spaces 100 percent smoke-free.

In addition to banning smoking in all enclosed collective-use spaces, the law also prohibits tobacco advertising at the point of sale, raises taxes on tobacco products, and increases the required size of health warnings that must be included on both sides of cigarette packages. More than 17 percent of adults in Brazil smoke, and an estimated 200,000 Brazilians die each year as a result of tobacco use. Tobacco use is also associated with 45 percent of fatal heart attacks, 85 percent of deaths due to pulmonary emphysema, and 30 percent of cancer deaths.