Ecuador – New tobacco control law adopted

On 14 June 2011, the Ecuadorian Parliament adopted the Tobacco Control and Regulation Bill containing strict rules for smokers and sellers of tobacco products. The most important provisions of the new act include: a complete ban on smoking in all enclosed areas of workplaces, public places and sports environments, all enclosed and outdoor areas of health and educational facilities, and all public transport facilities; a ban on all tobacco advertising, promotion and sponsorship; a ban on sales to and by minors; and further restrictions of sales of tobacco products, including a ban on tobacco vending machines and tobacco packages of fewer than 10 cigarettes or less than 10 grams of tobacco; pictorial warnings must cover 60% of both principal display areas of packs. According to the new legislation, education and health authorities will need to include tobacco-related matters within educational curricula and implement public awareness campaigns. The legislation also refers to enforcement and sanctions in the case of non-compliance.

More information can be obtained from Dr Patricio Jacome, national focal point for tobacco control ( or