European Union - Revision of the Tobacco Products Directive

More than ten years have passed since the adoption of the Tobacco Products Directive. During this time, there have been several market, scientific and international developments in the tobacco sector and the existing rules present a number of weaknesses, gaps and loopholes. Therefore it has become necessary to update and complete the current Directive. A revision was repeatedly called for by the Council and the European Parliament.

While the overall objective of the revision is to improve the functioning of the internal market, it is expected that citizens in all Member States will benefit from improved public health.

The revision addresses the following main issues:

  • how to regulate products which do not contain tobacco, but which are closely linked to smoking or tobacco consumption, for example electronic- and herbal cigarettes
  • labelling and packaging of tobacco products
  • additives, such as flavourings, used in tobacco products
  • internet sales of tobacco products and
  • tracking and tracing of these products.

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