Russian Federation – President signs comprehensive tobacco control law

Russian President Vladimir Putin has signed a comprehensive tobacco control law, which includes, among other things, a ban on smoking in all public places. The Ministry of Health envisages that the law will result in a decreases of annual number of tobacco-related deaths in the country from the current 400 000 to 150 000 – 200 000.

The new act includes measures such as:

- banning, from 1 June 2013, smoking on municipal transport, at railway stations, in lifts, bus stations and administrative buildings, as well as any place of education or health; and from 1 June 2014 extending the ban to include on ships, long-distance trains, train platforms, hotels, cafes and restaurants;

- banning advertising of tobacco products as well as sponsorship of events by tobacco companies;

- banning advertising at points of sale as well as the selling of cigarettes in kiosks.

The new law also provides the regions of the Russian Federation with the authority to further expand smoke-free provisions in their jurisdictions.

More information is available from Nataliia Toropova, WHO Country Office (