Ukraine – All forms of tobacco advertising, promotion and sponsorship banned

On 13 March 2012 Ukraine’s President, Viktor Yanukovych, signed into law a national ban on all forms of advertising, promotion and sponsorship by the tobacco industry.

The law, which strengthens previous bans on tobacco advertising on television, billboards, radio and in most print publications, will take effect in six months. The law prohibits all forms of advertising in print media and also at points of sale, such as street kiosks, where most customers buy their cigarettes. It prohibits the tobacco industry from employing people to promote tobacco products in public places, for example by giving away packs of cigarettes, and bans industry-sponsored nightclub parties that have been used to attract young people. The law also forbids advertising on cigarette packs – another law requiring stronger, graphic warnings on packs is currently being implemented.

More information is available from Konstantin Krasovsky, Head, Tobacco Control Unit, Ukrainian Institute of Strategic Research, Ministry of Health (