Reporting instrument

In the initial period of 2007-2011, Parties' reports were submitted according to the first (Group 1 questions) and second (Group 2 questions) phases of the reporting instrument adopted by the COP at its first and third sessions, respectively.

In November 2010, at its fourth session, the COP decided to adopt a single reporting instrument for Parties' biennial reports.

The reporting instrument consists of a core questionnaire mandatory for all Parties and the “additional questions on the use of implementation guidelines adopted by the Conference of the Parties”, which aims to facilitate voluntary submission of such information by the Parties.

Parties are requested to complete the online questionnaire. This can be accessed through a link sent by e-mail to the WHO FCTC technical focal point of the respective country. For more information please refer to Questions and answers.

  • Core questionnaire
    pdf, 1.11Mb

    The core questionnaire for Parties’ biennial reports, as adopted by the COP at its fourth session in November 2010 (subsequently amended in 2013 and 2015). This version should not be used for completion and submission.

The additional questions on the use of implementation guidelines adopted by the Conference of the Parties can be accessed via the “Core questionnaire” described above. The two questionnaires are connected to each other through several links inserted in the sections of the “Core questionnaire” that refer to articles for which COP guidelines exist.

The completion of the additional questions is voluntary. To view (NOT to complete) the PDF version of the additional questions click on the link below:

The step by step instructions for the completion of this questionnaire is available below.

A presentation on Parties reporting in the 2016 reporting cycle can be found below.