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Finishing the job: Country action
Polio vaccination in the streets of Kano.
Polio vaccination in the streets of Kano. Photo: Jean-Marc Giboux/Rotary International

2003: 300 cases (as of 6 January 2004)
2002: 202 cases
2001: 56 cases
2000: 28 cases

In 2003, Nigeria had the highest number of polio cases anywhere in the world.

The state of Kano in the north of Nigeria is the main source of polio infections in Nigeria, Africa and the world - the polio 'epicentre'. In 2003, polio from Kano reinfected previously polio-free areas within Nigeria and also reinfected neighbouring countries in West Africa.

- to overcome rumours related to the safety of the oral polio vaccine and engage local government and communities to make sure the vaccine reaches every child.

- to restart national immunization campaigns with the participation of every state, local government authority and community.

Six rounds of national immunization days / sub-national immunization days are planned for 2004.

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