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Safer roads: five key areas for effective interventions

Speed is at the core of the road injury problem

Speed bumps in Ghana
Speed control bumps are increasingly common on Ghanaian roads. At a crash hot spot on the main Accra-Kumasi highway, speed bumps reduced the number of crashes by 35% between 2000 and 2001. Fatalities fell by 55% and serious injuries by 76%.

Speed: slow down!


- Speed contributes to at least 30% of road traffic crashes and deaths.

- For every 1km/hr increase in speed there is a 3% increase in the incidence of injury crashes and a 5% increase in the risk of a fatal crash.

- Pedestrians are eight times more likely to be killed by cars traveling at 50km/h than 30km/h.

Key interventions

- setting and enforcing speed limits

- designing roads according to their function (e.g. highways, suburban roads)

- speed cameras or stationary enforcement

- traffic calming measures, such as speed bumps and traffic circles

- education and public information.

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