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Victims of the South Asian earthquake
WHO/Chris Black
Victims of the South Asian earthquake

"The tsunami or south Asian earthquake [may have been the top health issue of 2005]," -- Dr Mohammed Aman Khan, Pakistan

"Hurricane Katrina and the recent earthquake in Pakistan demonstrates a high degree of the need for preparedness before storms and other disasters occur," -- Rachael Chizmar, United States of America

Many of you highlighted natural emergencies as a cause for concern. People in more than 40 countries are currently experiencing emergencies as a result of natural disasters, drought or conflict. WHO works with countries and other partners to minimize suffering and death in all crisis situations – whether they are highly publicized, such as the tsunami in South Asia, or hidden and forgotten, such as the ongoing conflict in the Democratic Republic of Congo. WHO works in countries to help national authorities and communities prepare by strengthening their capacity to manage all types of crisis.