How healthy is your world?

Children orphaned by AIDS
Michael Jensen
Children orphaned by AIDS

"HIV/AIDS […] is destroying families the world over," -- Mimi, Bhutan

"HIV/AIDS should have received more attention, because it disproportionately affects poor women," -- Canada

Most people in our survey cited HIV/AIDS as the second biggest global health issue. In 2005, five million people were newly infected with HIV and more than three million died of HIV/AIDS-related illnesses. According to the AIDS epidemic update 2005 HIV transmission is still on the increase. HIV/AIDS is also devastating to societies and economies, particularly in countries where as many as one of every two or three adults is infected.

Throughout 2005, WHO has worked with countries to prevent people becoming infected with HIV, to expand the availability of HIV/AIDS treatment, to provide the best care for people living with HIV/AIDS and their families.

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