Mrs Ntswaki Agnes Qwabe


How healthy is your world?

"HIV/AIDS remains top on the list and will do so for sometime until we find a medical cure and effective social responses. It is top on my list because it touches the individual, the community, and all of humanity. It challenges our present and raises questions about our future.

With no doubt, we are not paying enough attention to the health and development of children, particularly orphans and children made vulnerable by HIV/AIDS. We are doing what we can as communities but our governments must do more. This is an area that threatens our future and governments should clearly define their interventions."

When she retired in 1998, Mrs Qwabe used her pension money to care for 18 Aids orphans from the eight villages of Ga-Mathabatha in Limpopo, South Africa. Today, she is looking after about 1000 children through Fanang Diatla (Helping Hand), a community-based organization she initiated to address her community's needs.