Tuberculosis and malaria

How healthy is your world?

Child with malaria
Stephenie Hollyman
Child with malaria

"TB and HIV – these two diseases are co-related and it is essential to tackle them jointly," -- Duncan Ochieng Ochol, Kenya

"Malaria – special attention should be paid to vaccine development," -- Attisso, Togo

Other issues that figured prominently in our survey – such as malaria and tuberculosis – mainly affect men, women and children in the developing world. Malaria kills more than one million people every year – most of them children under five years old in Africa.

The global TB epidemic causes nearly nine million cases of disease and kills about two million people each year. WHO, in collaboration with the Stop TB partnership, is leading the global drive to expand the use of DOTS, the internationally recommended strategy to fight TB. WHO is also working to adapt DOTS to meet the special challenges of multi-drug resistant TB and co-infection with TB and HIV. HIV is driving the TB epidemic in sub-Saharan Africa.

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