Europe: working for health in Kyrgyzstan and Finland

06 April 2006

Two health care workers – one from Kyrgyzstan and another from Finland – are profiled in this instalment of Heroes for health. Their experiences could not be more different. Saadat Djoldosheva runs a clinic with basic facilities in a remote region of Kyrgyzstan; Margaretha Berndtson is head nurse in a modern hospital with advanced facilities in Helsinki.

A large part of Saadat's work concerns pregnancy, childbirth and the health of young families. Margaretha specializes in geriatric care – a growing field given Finland's rapidly ageing population. Their challenges and experiences may be worlds apart but both women are equally committed to their profession, and take great pride in what they do.

Photo stories

Saadat Djoldosheva, head, Kirov Primary Health Care Centre, Kyrgyzstan

Margaretha Berndtson, head nurse, Koskela Hospital, Helsinki, Finland