Health and environment: images from around the world

A man working at a burning garbage dump in Chennai, India

This gallery of 40 winning entries from the 2007 international photo and video contest showcases the intricate link between the environment and public health. This year the focus of the annual contest was on health and environment, as part of WHO's efforts to raise awareness about the importance of healthier environments.

The annual contest began in 2002 with the overall theme of "images of health and disability". It aims to promote the understanding of health and disability as described in the International Classification of Functioning, Disability and Health (ICF).

The 2007 entries include positive images that highlight the beneficial effects of safe and healthy environments: children playing in healthy, supportive and enabling environments; safe water; clean air, and a stable climate etc.

In contrast, other images paint the grim reality of our environment today: showing the hazards of shipbreaking; children drinking arsenic-laden water; people breathing in thickly polluted air; health risks for workers at garbage dumps etc.

The video entries include a lively rap song on indoor air pollution and safety in the house, and show the impact of waste, poverty and the stigma of mental and physical disability.

Photographers and video producers from 56 countries submitted more than 2 500 entries. Here are the winning entries from each of the four categories.

Category: black and white

Category: colour

Category: digiart

Category: video

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