2007: a review of notable public health issues

Young girls laughing
WHO/Henrietta Allen

The continued looming threat of an influenza pandemic, outbreaks of Ebola, Marburg and other infectious diseases, natural disasters, and high rates of women who die in pregnancy and childbirth in developing countries, are topics that mark 2007.

Positively - public and private partners came together to improve global health with notable results. Progress was made to halt resurging yellow fever in Africa; the International Health Regulations came into effect that give the world clear guidance on reporting and responding to cross-border health dangers; and efforts to wipe out the last bastions of polio and to stop tuberculosis advanced.

Landmarks, such as major success in the fight to cut measles deaths in Africa, and the release of a more accurate profile of the HIV epidemic, captured news headlines as well.

In this photo essay, WHO presents a selection of notable health issues in 2007.

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