Healing Sudan: health relief efforts start in Abyei

2 July 2008

A child rests his head on his mother's shoulder.
UNMIS/Tim McKulka

With calm restored in Abyei, a town in central-western Sudan, WHO and partner United Nations agencies plan for the return of thousands of displaced people to their homes.

When fighting erupted in May, nearly 60 000 people fled to displacement settlements in the rural areas and nearby local communities. Infectious disease outbreaks, a lack of safe drinking water and malnutrition posed serious health threats to people displaced to cramped settlements and villages.

Controlling health risks for people displaced by the conflict, and restoring basic health services for the returning population are priorities for government authorities, WHO and aid partners.

Following the Abyei Road Map Agreement in early June - a pact between parties to stop violence in the town and encourage the return of local people - WHO Representative to Sudan Dr Mohammed Abdur Rab and other aid officials travelled to Abyei to assess relief needs.

This photo story explores the humanitarian crisis and the key relief concerns.

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