Picturing health: 35 years of photojournalism at WHO


A smiling doctor came to Manila: Philippines, 1959
Patients sitting on the grounds of the National Mental Hospital, Mandaluyong, Philippines
WHO/Eric Schwab

For this photo report, Eric Schwab covered the work of Dr Manuel Escudero to transform and revive mental health treatment in the Philippines. Mr Schwab stated that: "When Dr Manuel Escudero arrived in Manila one day in 1957 to help the government reorganize its mental health services, he found that the country's one hospital for the mentally ill had 4300 patients instead of the 1000 for which it had been built. Fear, apathy, horror, ridicule, ending in almost all cases by complete rejection of the patient by society- were encountered on all sides… The man chosen to change this situation combined intimate knowledge of the country with that of modern psychiatric methods…"

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