Picturing health: 35 years of photojournalism at WHO


Birth of a Turkish child: Turkey, 1956
Midwife handing baby to mother, Ankara, Turkey
WHO/Marc Riboud

This photo report tells the story of a Turkish mother preparing for the arrival of her ninth child. Mrs Toprak, who lives in the capital city of Ankara, receives pre-natal care from the WHO-supported Ankara Mother and Child Health Center.

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The baby born too soon: France, 1950

In 1950, David Seymour was contracted by WHO to produce a photo story about premature babies in France. He followed the case of a Parisian mother and the care she and her child received at the Ecole de Puériculture in Paris. The story was published in the WHO Newsletter in 1953. The images were also used in a WHO film strip produced in conjunction with Unicorn Head Visual Aids entitled For Babies Born Too Soon and appeared in Life and Réalités magazines as well as in World Health and in a contemporary exhibit arranged by WHO.

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