Picturing health: 35 years of photojournalism at WHO


Eyes that weep no more: India, 1958
Eye examination of a villager of Dharera Maufi, India
WHO/Homer Page

In this photo report, Homer Page documented the work of a team based in northern India to combat trachoma. As Mr Page explained, "nearly 400 million people suffer from trachoma. Though this eye infection does not kill, it can last a lifetime if untreated. Its victims often become blind. In India, trachoma is the largest single cause of preventable blindness. In some rural areas of northern India the infection rate is as high as 80-90 per cent of the total population. A WHO-assisted trachoma team centred on the Gandhi Eye Hospital in Aligarh, Uttar Pradesh, is systematically working through the region village by village, examining patients and organizing antibiotic treatment, and carrying out research to determine the ways in which infection is spread."

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