Community engagement in the Ebola response

Community engagement is crucial for finding and preventing Ebola virus disease. To drive cases down to zero, every community needs to be actively involved in the response against Ebola. Read here how different communities fought back when the disease arrived in their districts.

Sierra Leone: Tracing Ebola in Tonkolili

August 2015 -- A whole village in quarantine shows how quickly Ebola can travel and that no district can let down its guard until there are zero cases of Ebola.

Inspiring confidence and trust in Ebola care

July 2015 -- In Sierra Leone’s Magazine Wharf, there are mixed perceptions around Ebola response systems. Ambulance services are met with especial scepticism.

Helping Guinean communities fight Ebola

June 2015 -- Through household visits, and conversations with influential members of communities, surveillance teams are spreading the message about Ebola in Dubreka Prefecture, Guinea.

Increasing community engagement on-air

February 2015 -- WHO’s social mobilization team is using radio to reach communities with information on Ebola in Sierra Leone.

Guinea: Reopening schools safely - partnering with families and communities

February 2015 -- After many months of prolonged closure due to fear of Ebola transmission, schools have reopened in Guinea.

Anthropologists work with Ebola-affected communities in Mali

January 2015 -- Social anthropologists play an important role as part of Ebola teams in Mali.

Sierra Leone communities organize Ebola response

24 December 2014 -- In Kono district, a wave of new Ebola cases sparked quick action by the community and the authorities.

When Ebola came calling: How communities in Sierra Leone faced the challenge

20 November 2014 -- When Ebola first swept through Port Loko District, the rash of sudden inexplicable deaths was shocking.

Liberia: Working with communities is the key to stopping Ebola

12 October 2014 -- WHO's Dr Peter Clement travelled to hostile communities to listen and to work with them develop their own plans.

Working with communities in Gueckedou for better understanding of Ebola

14 July 2014 -- Volunteers visited communities in Guinea to increase public awareness about the causes of Ebola.

Reaching out to communities at risk of Ebola

July 2014 -- Liberia is accelerating community education and social mobilization activities in affected communities.

Ebola mobilization in Siruigi, Guinea

August 2014 -- The hour for mobilization has rung in the mining town of Siguiri. All parts of civil society have been called to help avoid the spread of the disease.

Wise people help to fight Ebola

May 2014 -- Marianne Bayo Icamano travels to villages in Guinea to raise awareness about the risks of Ebola virus disease.

Involving everyone: Social mobilization is key in an Ebola outbreak response in Guinea

9 May 2014 -- Civil society organizations are increasingly engaged and supporting the information campaign on Ebola.