Sierra Leone: Rebuilding primary health services amid the Ebola crisis

December 2014

Essential health services have been drastically reduced for many months as the Ebola outbreak has taken up many of the country’s health resources. The country is now working to build a stronger health system for the long term.

WHO officer talking to villagers of Kamosondo that are trying to rebuild their primary health care unit after being overwhelmed by the care of Ebola patients, Port Loko district of Sierra Leone, 2014.
WHO/S. Saporito

In Sierra Leone, combating the Ebola outbreak has put enormous strain on a health system that already had considerable weaknesses – such as severe shortages of health workers, lack of coordination between programmes addressing individual diseases and logistical challenges.

Communities like Kamosondo in the Port Loko district have pulled together and drawn on all their local resources to bring back primary health care services to the people.

They will need the support of the government, WHO and other regional and international partners to build back better in the wake of the Ebola outbreak and help create a more integrated and comprehensive health system.

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