Foodborne Disease Surveillance

Joint FAO/OIE/WHO expert consultation on antimicrobial use in aquaculture and antimicrobial resistance, Seoul, Republic of Korea, 13-16 June 2006

This expert consultation was jointly organized by FAO, OIE and WHO to present and discuss scientific findings, and to reach scientific consensus on issues regarding public health aspects of antibiotic resistance and antibiotic usage in aquaculture. It was recommended to use the risk analysis framework that had been promoted by the three organizations, as well as the Codex Alimentarius Commission, for more than a decade. The consultation analysed all pertinent and scientific information collected over the last years on antimicrobial use in aquaculture and its consequences for human public health, using the complementary expertise of FAO, OIE and WHO. The goals of this consultation were to:

  • Assess the pattern of the use of antimicrobials in terms of quantities as well as in terms of classes of antimicrobials;
  • Identify current and potential future hazards to public health of antimicrobial usage in aquaculture;
  • Assess the risk associated with the use of antimicrobials in aquaculture using risk assessment methodologies currently available; and
  • Identify priorities/strategies for further work oriented to improve present risk management options in this field at national and international level (FAO/OIE/WHO).