Food safety

International Food Safety Authorities Network (INFOSAN)

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Increasing globalization of food trade increases the risk of contaminated food spreading quickly around the globe.
Through INFOSAN, WHO assists Member States in managing food safety risks, ensuring rapid sharing of information during food safety emergencies to stop the spread of contaminated food from one country to another. INFOSAN also facilitates the sharing experiences and tested solutions in and between countries in order to optimize future interventions to protect the health of consumers.

National authorities of 186 Member States are part of the network

Strengthening INFOSAN through regional initiatives


In November 2015, the meeting on strengthening INFOSAN and national food safety systems in Asia was held in Hong Kong SAR, China. The meeting provided a unique opportunity for INFOSAN members to gather from across Asia and build on the outcomes of past bi-regional meetings. The previous meetings to enhance INFOSAN in Asia have been led by WHO regional offices (WPRO and SEARO), the INFOSAN Secretariat at WHO Headquarters and FAO and have aimed at strengthening countries’ capacities to effectively prepare for and respond to food safety emergencies.

Photo shows the Government of Hong Kong SAR Permanent Secretary for Food and Health (Food), Mrs Cherry Tse, speaking at the opening ceremony.


"The INFOSAN community keeps us updated on food safety issues around the world. When it comes to a crisis situation, INFOSAN provides information to help competent authorities take appropriate measures in a timely manner."

Mr Halim Nababan, National Agency of Drug and Food Control, INFOSAN Emergency Contact Point, Indonesia