Food safety

Initiative to estimate the Global Burden of Foodborne Diseases

Country Studies

One key element needed to establish the global burden of foodborne diseases is to look at national estimates. the FERG will strive for this by strengthening the capacity of countries to undertake national burden of foodborne disease assessments and provide them with the tools needed to conduct these studies.

The FERG Country Studies Task Force is composed of two 'pillars' - the Burden of Disease Group and the Knowledge Translation and Policy Group. It is mandated to produce protocols that will enable countries to undertake their own burden of foodborne disease assessments while, at the same time, conducting policy context mapping. The results of the policy context mapping will feed back into the research cycle, thus ensuring that the burden information gathered is meaningful and useful to end-users.

Pilot country studies are being planned to test the protocols developed and improve them before commencing full country studies in all six WHO regions. The pilots are set to commence in early 2011.

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