Food safety

FOSCOLLAB: Global platform for food safety data and information

Why this approach?

Food safety data and information can be fragmented across sectors, such as animal/agriculture, food and human health. Linkages between many sources often do not exist and accessing them can be very complex. Integration of the facts from various disciplinary sectors is needed to support decision-making in food safety. A resolution* at the 63rd World Health Assembly called upon WHO to address this issue as part of its efforts to ensure safer food for everyone, everywhere.

A consultative process (January-July 2011) was conducted with the support of the United States Food and Drug Administration (US-FDA) as a first step to understand the needs and constraints of data providers and end-users, assess buy-in and help define required outputs. Results from this process involving 131 participants from 64 Member States revealed that this is an effort welcomed by Member States and its potential user base as many reliable sources of data and information already exist. The findings of the consultation have also helped directly shape the scope and functionalities of FOSCOLLAB.