Food safety

FOSCOLLAB: Global platform for food safety data and information

How does FOSCOLLAB work?

FOSCOLLAB integrates data and information on four elements:

Food – Hazard – Country – Date/Year

By aligning on these elements as a starting point, data and information from multiple sources can be explored and utilized via the same interface.

These user interfaces, or “dashboards” can be customized to suit individual users' needs as well as provide facilitated access to the source data in alternate formats (.csv, .pdf, etc.). Users will also be encouraged to visit the individual source programmes for further details. FOSCOLLAB will in no way act as a replacement to any sources it links together.

An example: Chemical Overview Dashboard

The Chemical Overview Dashboard integrates summary elements from individual sources related to chemical contaminants. Users can select a particular chemical hazard and obtain overview information such as:

  • What is the selected hazard?
  • What are the most recent international risk assessments for the selected hazard?
  • Are there any food safety standards established? What is the most recent occurrence data on the selected hazard?
  • What foods are associated with the selected hazard and what consumption data for these foods is there?
  • What nearby labs have the required expertise to test samples?
Partial screenshot of the chemical overview dashboard.

This screenshot above shows a portion the Chemical Overview Dashboard with ‘Lead’ selected. It is integrating elements from:

  • JECFA Evaluations Database – summary information from the latest evaluation on lead
  • GEMS/Food Contaminants Database – average levels of detection by commodity
  • WHO Collaborating Centres Database – Relevant and reliable institutions working in the area of food contaminants
  • Codex Alimentarius - link to the General Standard for Contaminants and Toxins in Food and Feed

This summary dashboard is designed as a quick entry point into the topic. For more details, users are encouraged to access the sources directly.

FOSCOLLAB, in this is example, could help contribute to the preparedness aspect of a potential emergency situation and guide further actions to be taken by providing access to the relevant types of data and information across sources via customized and interactive dashboards.