Food safety

FOSCOLLAB: Global platform for food safety data and information

Next steps and how to get involved

User feedback will be crucial in guiding further developments of the platform. This feedback will help improve the utility and usability of the platform as it develops. Each dashboard is equipped with an orange envelope in the top right corner to submit feedback directly via email. To provide any feedback, please contact

This initial phase has focused on chemical hazards with sources that are developed and maintained at WHO. A similar approach will be taken to address microbiological hazards as a next step. Future developmental paths include creating a food-based summary dashboard and increased integration with the INFOSAN Community site and its search functions.

Members States and relevant institutions are encouraged to ensure that participation in the source programmes is already taking place (i.e. GEMS, INFOSAN, etc.). In addition, exploring new possibilities of integration with outside sources is also welcome.

Please do not hesitate to contact the WHO Secretariat at to further discuss opportunities of collaboration or to provide feedback on the platform.