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Critically important antimicrobials for human medicine, 3rd revision


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Number of pages: 31
Publication date: 2012
Languages: English
ISBN: 978 92 4 150448 5



The 3rd AGISAR meeting was held in Oslo, Norway, in June 2011, and a further revision of the list included not only new drug developments and scientific information, but also focused on consolidating the suggestions on how the list might best be used to manage risks associated with antimicrobial use. Additional substances were added to the list according to their ATC codes (per the WHO Collaborating Centre for Drug Statistics), to ensure a more complete listing of products. Veterinary drugs falling in the same classes of antimicrobials as those in the human medicine list are now also listed in the tables to help risk managers more readily identify those drugs 2 and classes that are analogous to human medicines and with greater potential to impact resistance among the critically important antimicrobials for human medicine.

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