Food safety

Joint FAO/WHO Meeting on Pesticide Residues (JMPR) publications

JMPR traditionally meets once a year to evaluate pesticide residues in food. FAO and WHO assure that a considerable body of publications from JMPR is made available in several easily accessible on-line archives.

  • JMPR Guidance Document for WHO monographers and reviewers
    This JMPR guidance document provides information for WHO monographers and reviewers of WHO Core Assessment Group on Pesticide Residues in Food pertaining to procedure, timelines, and guidance for preparing the monographs and report items as well as general criteria for interpretation of toxicological data.

Links to reports and other documents produced by JMPR


  • FAO Plant Production and Protection Paper series
    These reports, published by the Food and Agriculture Organization, contain concise summaries of all relevant information for the evaluation of pesticide residues in food, including intake estimates. Reports reflect the agreed view of the Committee as a whole and describe the basis for their conclusions. They are available from 1991 onward at the FAO website.

Toxicological Monographs

  • WHO Evaluations Part II: Toxicology
    These monographs, published by the World Health Organization, contain detailed descriptions of the biological and toxicological data used in the Meeting's evaluations, as well as conclusions such as intake assessments for the pesticides under consideration. In addition, they provide full references to the relevant literature. They are available from 1965 to 2001 in HTML format and from 2002 onward in PDF format.

Residues and analytical aspects monographs

  • FAO Evaluations Part I: Residues
    These monographs, published by the Food and Agriculture Organization, contain information on pesticide use patterns, data on the chemistry and composition of pesticides, methods of analysis for pesticide residues, and information on MRLs. They are available in PDF format from 1993 onward at the FAO website.